How to root almost any Android Device

There are many ways to root a device running Android. One of them is called one-click root. If you follow our tutorial, you will see that your smartphone or tablet will be rooted in a very easy way. The tool that we are about to use is known as Unlock-Root.

Not all Android devices can be rooted with this method, mind you. If your gadget is made by someone else than Samsung, using this guide may not work; if that happens, there are different tutorials that apply to your model, so give those a try.


After you perform this guide, you will notice that your gadget will let you flash custom ROMs, see a vastly superior performance from your device and so on.

In case you are ready to root your tablet or handset, you need to take into account some necessary pre-requisites. The ones that apply in our case are as follows:

  • turn off all the programs that your laptop and your Android device use for protection against threats;
  • use a notebook whose operating system is Windows;
  • create backups;
  • make sure USB debugging is enabled on your gadget;
  • charge its battery.

Once you root your phone or tablet, you will see that its warranty will no longer be on it. What you should do to enjoy it once more is to find a tutorial on how to unroot your device and use it accordingly. Other methods that can be used in such a case: update the gadget to latest official firmware or return the device to its former ROM.

If you’ve taken care of the requirements we told you about, then you are ready to start rooting your device that runs Android. But first: the Unlock-Root tool that you should be using is the free one. Should you work with the paid one, the rooting may not go as it should, and that will be a pity for your wallet.


  1. The first action that should be performed now is the following: download the unlock-root tool we mentioned earlier; then save it on your Windows-running comp. After the file is saved on your laptop, you have to flash it on the same device. What comes now is this: make sure you run the file you just downloaded.
  2. When you are done with that operation, continue with the following task: find the drivers that work with your device; upon locating them, you need to download them on your notebook.
  3. After they are flashed on that device, connect the gadget to your PC and after that go to the Unlock-Root tool. When you see it, tap on Root; this will make a list pop on the display of your Android device.
  4. When the list shows up, you have to find your device’s name on it and then opt for it. The rooting procedure is going to start only after you’ve done that. The installation will end successfully only if you see a confirmation text on the device. Next action to perform is as follows: unplug the devices from one another; after that you need to reboot your Android gadget. The latter is now rooted.